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You will find links on this page to homoerotic material. Heed all warnings!
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24th-Mar-2013 10:39 am - I know this LiveJournal seems dead.
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I'm not, though. I've joined Tumblr. If I have anything to say that isn't announcement-related, I'll post it there: http://bipolypesca.tumblr.com/. This LiveJournal will only be used to announcements of posted fics. Which I'm sure you can see is happening just all the time.

I have been working on the Manual Transmission Series for nearly 6 years. It is over 2,000 pages long. It weighs in at over 6,200KB. Now, it is finally complete.

The fourteenth and final part of MTS is ready:

Warnings: Drama, angst, schmoop, violence, boy/boy sex, comics references, and alien weirdness.

168 pgs.
79,729 words

MTS from the beginning
Overdrive, part 2


My thanks for everyone for your comments, patience, and sticktoitiveness.

I look forward to any and all thoughts you might wish to share with me about the closing of this series.

2nd-Jan-2011 10:42 pm - MTS: Overdrive, part 1, NC-17, CLex
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Part thirteen of the Manual Transmission Series is ready.

Warnings: A lot of drama and angst. Schmoop. Boy/boy sex. Alien weirdness. Cliffhanger ending. Still a WIP! If you can't take it, don't click! The final section will be available in a few short months.

951KB (What? Hey, at least it didn't hit a meg!)
299 pgs. (What? At least it didn't hit 300!)
157,401 words (What? ...Okay, yeah, you're right, that's a little ridiculous.)

MTS from the beginning
Overdrive, part 1


If you're interested in following the progress of the final section of MTS, I'm on Twitter.

Feedback is love. Do you love me? 'Cause I love you. I wrote you this 299 page novel just to prove it. ;)

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Part twelve of the Manual Transmission Series is ready.

Warnings: Schmoop. Boy/boy sex. Drama, angst, alien weirdness, and cliffhanger endings. I repeat: Cliffhanger endingS. Still a WIP! If you can't take it, don't click!

Also, fair warning: I didn't have time to complete the final read-through edit, so you might come across more typos than usual. I should be able to complete that over the next couple of evenings. :)

210 pgs.
105,689 words

MTS from the beginning
Fifth Gear and Beyond, part 2


If you're interested in following the progress of the final two upcoming MTS sections, I'm on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing any and all opinions. Hope you'll take a minute to let me know what you thought. :)

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It's been a long time coming. I'm very happy to have my EHD back again.

Warnings: Schmoop. Boy/boy sex (with toys). Drama, angst, lots of alien weirdness, and the usual tiny lil' cliffhanger ending. Still a WIP! If you can't take it, don't click!

143 pgs.
68,211 words

MTS from the beginning
Fifth Gear and Beyond, part 1


It's been quite a while, so boy am I ever craving your feedback. ;)

ETA: BTW, if you're interested in following the progress of MTS sections, I'm on Twitter.

fragile lex
The contrast is incredibly dark, but it's the only way I could get YT to take the whole damn thing instead of cutting it off at 4m42s (a common problem, I've read). But at least the quality isn't too bad if you watch in HQ. :)

Sorry for the delay.

Joker's Reign on YouTube.

fragile lex
Well, hello. I am not dead.

MTS, EHD, and the origin of this vidCollapse )
lyricsCollapse )

Vid title: Joker's Reign
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Song title: Reign
Song artist: UNKLE with Ian Brown
Vid artist: bipolypesca
Size: 105MB (don't bitch; it started off at 1.28GB, so...)
File type: AVI
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Joker is having a very good time. His reign of terror on Gotham makes Bruce reconsider his retirement. This, it turns out, was a mistake.

Download here:

And, against my better judgment, and despite the fact that I hate, hate, hate streaming... the sheer size of this file has prodded me to try to make this one available on YouTube.

Edited to add: Here's the YouTube link. My suggestion is to watch in HD and let it load completely before playing to avoid that trademark YouTube choppiness. At the rate with which I've watched YouTube delete videos and/or mute audio due to copyright issues, there's no guarantee it'll be there long. Ugh. Never mind. YouTube cut off the last minute of the vid for no particular reason. I'll work on this again to-night and try to get it to upload properly. In the meantime, you're stuck with downloading.

Feedback always appreciated.

2nd-Aug-2009 09:27 am - August 31st is my birthday...
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My birthday is coming up, August 31st (as you can see on my Profile), and since I've had an LJ account these last few years and occasionally spat out a CLexy story here and there (in between lengthy, wordy series which seem to be perpetually WIP), I've received anonymous donations for my birthday (as well as for Christian and other holidays that I do not celebrate, I'm afraid) on my LJ--donations like a paid account at various levels for various numbers of months, cute icons, things like that.

The presents have always been graciously appreciated (though not thanked-for because they are always anonymous!), but unfortunately, they have also been unused. As you might or might not have noticed over the years, the only thing I really use my LJ account for is to announce that something is available on my website, or to ask meekly for help when some terrible 'tragedy' has occurred. So, sadly, LJ upgrades tend to go to waste on me for the most part.

But what I certainly appreciate is the incredibly kind recognition--you anonymous donors 'give back' to me because you've eked a little enjoyment out of my work here and there, and that is very humbling.

What I would like to do this year, instead of happily accepting gifts I know I will not use, is to give you a chance to extend your generous spirits in the same vein, but to do a hundredfold more good with them.

This year, I am giving my birthday to DonorsChoose.org, a wonderful organization which allows you, the donator, to pick and choose the precise school projects you wish to donate to--classes that need materials consisting of anything from some coloured pencils to a few high-end computers--and from which you receive thank yous directly from the teacher and students of the class you have helped! You can donate any amount you can afford--five dollars, ten dollars, or go hog-wild and pay off an entire project's monetary needs! Rest assured that every dollar you donate goes right to the class's needed materials, and every last penny does some good.

You can find my Give-Back Birthday Page here, or if that doesn't work for you, here is the direct link:


Please go to my Give-Back Birthday Page (more than once if you like!) and, in lieu of any other type of gift to me, give generously to the classrooms that need your help the most. I have added several projects to my Give-Back page, all of which have to do with reading, writing, or literacy, something I know everyone here appreciates. I might add a few more as the month goes by.

Also, if you so wish, you can remain just as anonymous on the donorschoose.org page as you have on my LJ all these years (you modest persons, you!).

Thanks so much, everyone. Now, go crack open those checkbooks and show me how much you love me! ;)

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